Elikya Connect

About Elikya Connect

Elikya Connect serves to unite needs and resources for various social, humanitarian, mission and development causes, both locally and globally as a physical expression of Hope. We are passionate about collaboration, working together, strategic development and helping promote sustainability for other new or growing organizations and the people they serve.

Elikya Connect networks physical, financial, intellectual and organizational resources with individuals and small organizations doing big things, right here in Southern California and across the globe. We support existing entities working to address issues such as disaster relief, refugee assistance, human trafficking and homelessness.

More specifically, Elikya Connect personally bridges organizational and administrative gaps; providing writing, marketing, consulting and strategic development, fundraising support, as well as assisting in various transformational community outreach efforts.

Elikya Connect believes in relationship building. We support individuals and organizations that we have seen, served alongside, and interacted with first-hand, who are consistently doing amazing things, but short on resources. We love to highlight their work and help find creative solutions to meet their various short and long-term needs.

-For wisdom in all of our efforts to support and strengthen the people with whom we serve alongside.
-Provision to help meet our outreach partners needs where a gap exists and we have the capacity to help fill it.
-Continued creative resource management.