Wholeness Journey

About Wholeness Journey

Jessica Dahl

The Wholeness Journey is about helping others cultivate wholeness in mind/body/spirit/heart in themselves, connecting with God, and service to those in need.

Wholeness Journey brings healing, identity, wholeness & purpose to women, children & families who have been affected by trauma, human trafficking, refugees and ultra impoverished locally & globally by yoga and wellness practices, art therapy, storytelling and empowerment experiences.

We achieve this by offering unique experiences that are a blend of missions/service trip, yoga retreat, and self-development workshops. We incorporate expertise in the fields of personal development, leadership, coaching, facilitating, spiritual growth, wellness modalities and yoga to teach both the team and the local people we serve how to express and celebrate their identity, to heal from their past traumas, and be empowered into their future in all God has called them to be. These experiences create life changing experiences in both the Wholeness Journey participant and the local people we serve.

The Wholeness Journey partners with non-profit organizations and ministries around the world who are doing incredible work to serve those in need. Since 2016, we have partnered with the women's ministry of a church of San Pedro, Guatemala that serves impoverished women who are highly susceptible to various forms of abuse & poverty. We currently have an ongoing partnership with an anti-trafficking organization in Pattaya, Thailand that serves men and women coming out of the sex-for-sale industry and is on a mission to rescue, train and equip them for a life of hope and freedom. In Medellin, Colombia we partner with an organization that has created a refuge & home including feeding, housing, restoration, education and microenterprise initiatives, to help provide short and long term assistance for those interested in restoring their lives and creating lasting change for their futures. In San Jose, Costa Rica we have an ongoing partnership with an organization that is transforming lives of impoverished and abused women, children, families and refugees through holistic integrated interventions that disrupt the compounding cyclical challenges of poverty.

The Wholeness Journey comes alongside trusted organizations that are aligned & to add the value we provide to the sustainable work they are already doing on the ground.

Over the course of Wholeness Journey’s experiences, our participants uncover more of their own God-given identity & purpose and are empowered to use their story, experiences, and learned curriculum on the trip to lead and be in service to those in need. At the close of our trips, we always take time to teach workshops for how to apply what we've learned, and use their sweet spot to activate them into what they're called to be and do so that they can go home and live purposefully in their everyday lives.

-For the organizations & ministries we partner with and the people they serve.
-For the participants who come on Wholeness Journeys. That people are hungry for freedom & transformation in their own lives as well as how they will serve others. And to grow deeper in their relationship to themselves, God and others!
-For our leaders. Pray that God would continue to reveal to us more strategy for how to grow and expand our impact and continued success in the implementation of the strategies. And for health, wholeness and unity within our growing team.
For funding.
-For companies, foundations, individuals, or grant opportunities that believe in this work to support us financially in order to grow sustainably and our impact expand for those we were locally & globally!